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Astrological Reports

All astrological Charts and reports are based on your personal birth data: time of birth, location, birth month, day, and year. Please note the time of birth is important for accuracy. Generally, you locate this information on your birth certificate. All Charts are based on Tropical Zodiac – Equal House system.

These reports provide you the most comprehensive viewing and understanding your personality, psychology, and the philosophical and spiritual gifts you share with the world.  Natal Chart is included.

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Natal Astrological Profile

This report explains to your personality, and outlook on life. It covers your psychological viewpoint, opportunities based on your innate skills, and possible oppositions whom you encounter in life. Your Astrological profile highlights your natural attributes and outlines the varied directions available to you.

The first section of this report speaks to your Sun sign, which is the most important planet in the chart. It establishes your basic energy source of light represented by the physical body, which is influenced by the planets in the Natal Chart. The Moon is an important center of your chart, and it explains your emotional make-up influenced by family, home and your childhood. The planet Mercury explains the ability to learn, communicate and is related to your nervous system. Your state of consciousness, knowledge, and relationships, are explained. Venus is known as the planet of love interest, sociability, artistic taste and attraction in general. Similarly, to the Moon, it explains the connection to the mother. Mars signifies your vitality, business acumen, and sexual drive. It provides you a unique personality, which explains the nature of your relationship with yourself and others.

The second section describes how well you deal internally with the external situations you experience. Jupiter is the expansive planet, and it explains your capacity for happiness, and the ability to tolerate restrictions and frustration. It explains your path in life and opportunities. Saturn teaches how to associate with and relate to innovative ideas and methods. It teaches that limits create radical ideas and events that can upset the status quo. It informs the concept of the finite provides infinite possibilities. Uranus demonstrates how unexpected events shape your character, which is your destiny. It breaks patterns that no longer serve you. Neptune is a mysterious planet and difficult to appreciate; it represents spiritual public ideals, morality, and the nature of your relationship to the universe. Pluto teaches you how to rebirth oneself at various stages of life. Letting go is a basic lesson that teaches forgiveness.

This report makes a great gift for a friend or family member! The individual’s birth time, month, day, year and birth location will be needed if sending any report as a gift to a friend or family member.

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Solar Return Interpretation

A solar return chart is created for the time that the transiting Sun returns to the position of the Natal Sun. Every year the transiting Sun goes through the entire zodiac. When you are born, the Sun in your Natal Chart has a specific sign and degree in the zodiac. This position can be measured exactly. In time during each subsequent year, the transiting Sun returns to this Natal position, which conjuncts your Natal Sun. The date and time when the conjunction occurs down to the exact second of arc is the time of the solar return chart. A Chart is then calculated for that date, using the time (of the transiting Sun's return to your Natal Sun's position), and your location (longitude and latitude) at the time of the conjunction. It’s important to know where you were on your Birthday or where you will be on your birthday.

There are many solar return charts: tropical, sidereal, precessed, and nonprecessed. This report is based on research using tropical, Placidus or Koch, nonprecessed solar return charts. Interpretations are very similar to Natal interpretations and this should make the material more understandable to both the professional and amateur astrologer.

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Lunar Return Interpretation

The Lunar return Interpretation is a window on personal developments and opportunities, and a tool to get tuned in to your important monthly rhythms, and to some longer-range. Here’s an overview of how it works and how to use it:
There are three primary rhythms that most affect individual life and destiny:

1. The daily wake/sleep cycle, due to the Earth’s rotation…
2. The yearly cycle of the seasons, determined by Earth’s orbit around the Sun
3. The monthly cycle of lunar rhythms accentuates our schedules of work and play, driven by the Moon’s orbit around the Earth.

As the moon travels through its 27 1/2-day period, it demonstrates a rhythmic pattern of the ups and downs of the individual emotions that influences our lives. This includes, emotional highs and lows, energy peaks and troughs, financial crests and valleys, with alternating periods of mental focus, elation/depression. This report speaks to sexual arousal, career accomplishment, social standing, popularity, partnership success, health, and creativity. Most of what we consider the general “ups and downs” of daily life are simply our individual personal areas of sensitivity being affected by the Moon in a monthly rhythm unique to each one of us.

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Synastry Interpretation Powerful, Insightful information for couples

For couples and partners of all kinds, especially important for romantic connections. Each of us has every planet in his or her chart. Each planet symbolizes a different facet of life. In synastry, when we compare two charts, we look at the aspects (distance in degrees) between the planets of one chart and the planets of the other to determine areas of potential ease or difficulty. Sextiles and trines are easy aspects; squares and oppositions are challenging or dynamic aspects. Conjunctions can be easy or challenging, depending on the planets.

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Child Interpretation very accurate for the temperament about this new person

The best birthday gift from a mother, father, or family member! You (or the intended recipient) receive the Natal Chart and Child Interpretation report. This report outlines a child’s prospective educational interests, any possible about health matters, and potential supportive approaches for developing the child. Most parents who have received this report were amazed and impressed with its accuracy regarding their own child.

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Body & Soul Interpretation - This is one of my favorite reports, Mercury

This report shows you the ancient metaphysical connection to creation in a unique written form. This report outlines connections to your health. Associated topics include food, colors, allergies, health tendencies, aromas, photobiotic information, beneficial Bach Flower remedies, healing sound notes, homeopathic polychrest remedies, and more. I find this report to be among the most popular. It addresses how you are related to the mystery of life and reveals the magic that connects you to the cosmos!

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Progression Interpretation

This is the most accurate report to assist you in understanding what you encounter monthly, and what is trending in your life. It helps you comprehend the choices available to you during the next two years. As the name implies, astrological progression involves a method of changing your Natal Chart forward from birth. This report details the Transits, which are constantly evolving and correspond to your opportunities and challenges, month-to-month, and year-to-year. This report is based on the movement of the planets interacting from your Natal Horoscope. It’s surprising how accurate this analysis report can be about your next two years.

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Progression Interpretation - very insightful for the energy soon to arrive with your chart

The Transit report presents the major aspects for six months, day-by-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month. (Trine, Square, Opposition, Conjunct, Sextile)
This report highlights unique potentials for you prepares anticipates upcoming events and prepares you to respond to any circumstance with forewarned information! This Transit report speaks to the influences of the planets with an impact on your personal Natal Chart. This is the method I use for my clients in person.

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Personal Transit Interpretation 
      Six months $15 One year $20

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