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  • About Mercury

    Michael Mercury is a thought provoking writer, speaker, astrologer, yoga instructor and radio host with a heart of gold a passion for helping improve lives.

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  • Personal Astrological Consultations

    Michael Mercury provides a direct, no-nonsense, in-depth Astrological Consultation. Natal Charts, Deluxe Data Charts, Transit bi-wheel Charts are included in all Astrological Consultations and Composite Interpretations.

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  • New book is here!

    In Astrological Predictions for the Age of Light, Mercury provides insight into Japan, the United States and China. These countries will decide the future of the world. Mercury illuminates the reader on the importance of making a difference for a healthy planet.

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Live Radio Show

Live Radio Show

Michael Mercury hosts Live Radio Show 'Astrology Zen Yoga Radio' every Thursday, 1pm-2pm, KUBU 96.5FM Sundays 10am to 12pm, KUBU 96.5FM
9 Reports

9 Reports

A plethora of reports to choose from: Astrological, Natal, Solar Return, Lunar Return, Child, Synastry, Transit, Body & Soul
Private Yoga

Private Yoga

Private yoga classes for your corporation or business in the Sacramento area. Mercury has 17 years teaching experience.

The Three Main areas of

Michael Mercury's Work

Mercury's three main areas of focus are completely dependant on the mood in which he awakens. Generally speaking though, here they are in a nutshell.

Michael Mercury's consulting
has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me, as a professional and a private person.

Through his coaching I was able to focus on the issues that I was having; coping with success and an ever-expanding level of responsibility.
I'm now able to take on what is practical and doable, be there for direct reports and peers and find joy in my work.

MICHELLE POWELL-MEYERS, Chief Business Officer, CFO and Co-Founder, Yoga Awareness & Company, Inc. (PT&Co.)
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